Department of Information Technology

Welcome to the Department of Information Technology at Touro College South!

Yitzchak Goluboy
Yitzchak Goluboy, M.S.
Director of Information Technology

The Touro College South Academic Computing Department, a division of IT Services, provides a wide variety of facilities and support for students, faculty, and staff. Our main priority is to provide students with technical resources for academic work that will enhance their college experience. Academic Computing fosters innovation and excellence in information system research and in the curriculum through the application of technology.

At present, the department offers a variety of fundamental and advanced computer literacy courses. Department staff is available to advise and assist students in the use of information technology for the implementation, organization, analysis, and presentation of scholarly and scientific research. In Our modern  computer lab, students conduct research, access the web, work on their projects, and incorporate technology into their daily tasks.

In addition to our current curriculum, the department is now developing a graphic design program geared to students who wish to pursue careers in digital imagery and web development.  Log onto our site regularly for information about this and other exciting programs in the works at Academic Computing!