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The Psychology Department offers courses that are based on the study of psychological issues from a Lifespan perspective. The major provides a broadbased education that includes critical thinking, scientific experimentation, statistical analysis and problem solving. Psychology is also a strong foundation for graduate work, whether in the field of psychology or other fields such as medicine or law because it teaches analytical thinking and writing, ethical and unbiased data analysis, and sound scientific methodology.


A psychology major prepares students to enter the human services field in a support capacity. The advanced training allows students to obtain positions such as school counselors, forensic psychologists, research psychologists, and organizational psychologists. In all cases, psychology majors often work one-on-one with families, individual adults, and children to teach coping methods and life management skills and to change maladaptive thought patterns and behaviors.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the field of psychology are expected to grow 12% by 2018. School psychology, industrial psychology, and organizational psychology are expected to be particularly popular. In the near future, hospitals, schools, social service agencies, and substance abuse treatment centers will have more job openings requiring psychology degrees.


Core Requirements (40 credits):

GLL 110/111 Introduction to College Writing 4
GLL 121 College Writing I 4
GLL 122 College Writing II 3
GLL Literature (2 courses) 4
GHS/GPL American Studies 3
(various) Ethnic or Judaic Studies 3
GSM 130/132 College Mathematics* 3
Science 3/1
GCO 120 Introductory Computer Science course 4
GCA Speech** 3

*If a student is exempt from College Math, he or she is required to take another math course.
**Only the following courses meet the Speech requirement: GCA 100, 101, 127 and 215

Requirements for major (22 credits):

GPS 110 General Survey of Psychology 3/1
GPS 301/301.6 Experimental Psychology
with Lab
GPS 351 Biological Psychology 3
GPS 201 Developmental Psychology 3
GPS 335 Abnormal Psychology 3
GSM 261/261.6 Statistics for Social Science Major 3/1
GSM 140
Statistics 3
GPS 493 Advanced Topics in Psychology 3

Psychology electives 4 courses from the following:
General Electives (48 credits ̶ 18 must be in Liberal Arts)

GPS 204 Child Psychology 3
GPS 213 Social Psychology 3
GPS 216 Adolescent Development 3
GPS 221 Industrial Psychology 3
GPS 224 Psychology of the Family 3
GPS 225 Psychology of Aging 3
GPS 231 Psychological Testing 3
GPS 312 Cognition and Memory 3
GPS 315 Motivation and Personality 3
GPS 317 Human Sexuality 3
GPS 320 Drugs and Behavior 3
GPS 325 Psychology of Minority Families 3
GPS 330 Psychology of Minority Women 3
GPS 345 Health Psychology 3
GPS 401 Psychology of the Exceptional Child 3
GPS 420 Obesity and Eating Disorders 3
GPS 485 Internship in Psychology 3













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