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DMX Equipment List


Recording Studio and Control Rooms:

The DMX studio is centered around four control rooms, each outfitted with a Pro Tools HD2 system running on a 6-core Mac Pro. All four control rooms feature an Avid C24 worksurface and Avid HD audio interfaces. In Recording Studio Workshops every student will have the opportunity to work with these systems. In addition to the Avid Pro Tools hardware and software, DMX Control Room A also features two SSL Super Analogue channel strips and many third-party plug-ins by top developers such as Waves, Bomb Factory and Antares. This room supports mixing in 5.1 surround sound and also includes a generous assortment of hardware synthesizers and samplers.


Choosing the right microphone is the first step in sculpting your tone.The DMX mic closet is loaded with industry standard microphones from companies such as AKG, Shure, Blue and many others. In Electronic Systems and Recording Studio Workshop classes students will learn how to choose and place the correct mic for each recording situation.

Synthesizers and Samplers:

In addition to the software instruments loaded at all workstations, the DMX program features a wide assortment of hardware synths and samplers including Access Virus, Nord Lead 2, Korg Tritons and two very impressive analog modular instruments custom-built by Synthesizers.com

Student Labs:

Lab 1 supports 20 Apple iMac Intel student workstations loaded with Pro Tools, Reason and Ableton Live. Each workstation features a Digidesign 002 or 003 audio interface/control surface and a E-Mu Proteus synthesizer. In addition to lab classes this room is available afternoons and Sundays for students to work on their own projects

Lab 2 features 20 Apple iMac student workstations loaded with Pro Tools, Reason and Ableton Live. Each workstation features a Avid mBox audio interface.

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