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DMX Course Descriptions


First Semester

GCO-149 Acoustics and Sound (AS)

This course covers the basics of sound propagation, human perception of sound and the physical properties of musical instruments. Recording studio design concepts and music theory are also discussed.

GCO-123 Basics of Digital Applications (BDA)

Students start with basic computer skills such as logging in, directory navigation, launching applications and file management. Digital sampling is explained and explored. The hands-on lab component has each student at their own workstation working with industry standard audio applications including Pro Tools, Reason and Ableton Live.

GCO-128 Audio Electronics (AE)

Students are taught the essentials of DC, AC, analog and digital electronics. Basic terminology and electrical laws are necessary to understand, operate and troubleshoot modern digital and analog audio technology. The fundamentals of these concepts are presented in this class.

GCO-154 Audio Processing Devices (APD)

Students explore audio processors and their applications. Topics include: mixing consoles and signal routing, patch bays, compressors and expanders, equalization, delay and reverb. In the hands-on lab component students gain further experience editing and mixing on the industry standard Pro Tools platform.

GCO-153 Electronic Systems (ES)

A wide variety of microphones, speakers and amplifiers are studied. Students will learn how select and place the proper microphone for each recording situation. Speaker design and placement from stereo to 5.1 surround sound will addressed through comprehensive demonstrations in the classroom and DMX studio.


Second Semester

GCO- 227 MIDI Applications, Synthesis and Virtual Synthesis (MIDI)

MIDI protocol, sequencing and synthesis are the focus of this course. During the hands-on component the student works at his or her own Digital Audio Workstation. Students will learn how to record and edit MIDI sequences, program synthesizers and samplers using MIDI keyboards interfaced with Pro Tools, Reason and Ableton Live.

GBM-125 The Music Business

The essentials of the music business are covered. Topics include: copyright, recording and production contracts, publishing and business organizations and more.

GCO-226 Digital Audio Mixing Advanced (DAMA)

The hands-on component has each student at his or her own Digital Audio Workstation. Emphasis is on automation, using plug-ins, EQ, sends, reverb, delay, compression and gating. Students are also exposed to multi-track editing . The student will mix and burn a variety of multi-tracks to two-track stereo. The lecture component introduces the student to the studio and its specific equipment.

GCO-269 Post Production (POST)

Students will learn the techniques used in creating and recording dialog, music and sound effects for film. Topics covered include sound design, foley and mixing for 5.1 surround sound. In the labs students will create their own soundtracks for various video projects.

GCO-285 The Recording Studio (RS)

In the Recording Studio workshop students will be conducting their own recording and mixing sessions with minimal assistance from instructors. Students will be allowed to bring their own bands/artists in for these sessions. In some instances an artist may be provided by the instructor. These sessions will take place in DMX's four Pro Tools HD2 equipped control rooms.
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