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GBF 101 Principles of Finance (Fall, Spring)
An introductory study of the basic principles, instruments, and institutions in the financial marketplace. Topics include the concept of money; the Federal Reserve and the banking system; the provision and management of funds for both the short and long terms; the basic financial instruments; financial characteristics of the firm, including basic balance sheet analysis; the role of the stock and bond markets; interest rates and present value analysis; personal finance issues.
Co-requisite: GBE 101 or GBE 102. 3 credits

GBF 210 Investment Principles (Fall)
Characteristics and investment strategies related to stocks, bonds, and options. Sources of return and risk are explored. The foundations of financial research are developed with regard to information sources, valuation techniques, computation of return and risk and their relationship. SEC regulations; methods of performance evaluation.
Prerequisite: GBF 101. 3 credits

GBF 220 Corporate Finance (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Methods of capital budgeting and corporate financial decision-making; valuation techniques, market efficiency, capital structure, dividend policy, Betas, cost of capital, portfolio analysis and the Miller Modiglian principle are incorporated into the analysis; financial analysis under conditions of certainty and uncertainty.
Prerequisite: GBF 101. 3 credits

GBF 310 Security Analysis (Fall, Spring)
A continuation of Investment Principles (EBF 210). Both fundamental and advanced approaches to valuation of securities and portfolios are developed. The risk/return trade-off and the selection of optimum portfolios are examined in depth, including reduction-of-risk techniques.
Prerequisite: GBF 210. 3 credits

GBF 321 Portfolio Analysis (Fall)
This course provides an examination of modern portfolio theory. It first sets the foundation of the Investment Policy Statement. The course will include an introduction to the fundamental portfolio analysis tools, portfolio risk and return measures and the process of optimal portfolio selection. Following this, it covers topics of applications to portfolio construction and management relevant to Equity and Fixed Income portfolios. These will include international diversification, risk management and hedging, strategies, benchmarks and performance evaluation.
Prerequisite: GBF 210. 3 credits

GBF 338 International Financial Markets (Fall)
Comprehensive discussion of the international financial environment. The market forces whose interplay determines exchange rates and governmental policies are covered. Parity theorems and description of the international equity and credit markets and their dynamics are presented. The forecasting of price changes and returns on equities and bonds in the international setting are covered.
Prerequisite: GBF 101. 3 credits

GBF 341 Real Estate Finance I (upon request)
Examines the fundamentals of real estate finance, including various types of mortgages and financing structures, loan underwriting, the construction loan, and the secondary mortgage. Debt securitization and financing residential and income-producing property are explored.
Prerequisite: GBF 101. 3 credits

GBF 342 Real Estate Finance II (upon request)
Provides an analytical framework for understanding the real estate finance and development process from both a quantitative and non-quantitative perspective. Topics addressed include establishing investment/development objectives, identifying prospective sites, understanding the public permitting process, preparing market and feasibility studies, securing debt and equity financing, coordinating the design and construction process, and marketing and managing real estate assets. Includes preparation of income statements, sources and uses of funds statements, federal tax impact analysis, and discounted cash flow analysis.
Prerequisite: GBF 341. 3 credits

GBF 400 Selected Topics in Finance (upon request)
An upper division course designed to give greater coverage to those finance topics that are not covered in great detail in other courses. The topics selected are at the discretion of the instructor. Some potential topics include dividend policy, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and reorganization, risk markets, cost of capital and capital structure. An integral part of the course is the class presentation required of all students. The presentation revolves around some area of interest from the topics covered in the course.
Prerequisites: GBF 210 and GBF 220. May be repeated for credit. 1-3 credits

GBF 410 Seminar in Options Trading (upon request)
The theoretical foundations, institutional details, and practical applications of options trading: various pricing models and their development; in-depth examination of the use of options as speculative, hedging, investment, and arbitrage tools; the role of options with respect to the proper functioning of the modern market economy. The central focus is on stock options.
Prerequisite: GBF 210. 3 credits

GBF 437 International Commodities Trading (upon request)
This course looks in detail at derivatives used to conduct commodity trade across international markets. Such derivatives include options, futures, forwards, swaps, and spots. This course also focuses on risk management, and uses mathematical models to set conditions for minimum risk and to predict relevant variables important to such trade.
Prerequisite: GBF 210. 3 credits

GBF 481 Independent Study in Finance (upon request)
Description same as GBE 481. 3 credits

GBF 498 Internship in Finance (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Seniors majoring in Economics and Finance can register for academic credit for field experience with business or government agencies in the greater New York area. Students will work under the supervision of a faculty member.
Prerequisites: Senior status, GPA of 2.5 in major and departmental permission. 3 credits

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