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The principal goal of the ESL sequence is to improve students. English fluency in order to prepare them to meet the challenges of their academic pursuits as well as their vocational and social interactions in this country. The ESL sequence emphasizes the enhancement of the four modes of communication . reading, writing, speaking, and listening . in an interactive and interdisciplinary manner. These developmental courses offer a balance of grammar skills, composition writing, and relevant reading and discussion.


F Harel, Chair, Department of English and Literature; Bill Lewis, Deputy Chair, Department of English and Literature; I. Goldshteyn, Director of Resource Centers,

Abramowitz Ronni, Archer Irby, Batson Gary, Deborah Becker, Colon Elsie, Coultas Brenda, Dardouni Jim, Davis Ednas, Deutsch Judy, Fox Martine, Fleischmann Francine, Ghinger Judith, Goldman Ronald, Gutman Emilya, Hirsch Russell, Krauthammer Anna, Maltser Lina McIlwaine Robert, Meshman Marina, November Baruch, Probstein Ian, Rosenblatt Edythe, Sheinfeld Gary , Schuster Carmen, Shmulewitz Rochelle, Small Nancy, Taylor Tim, Thompson Robert, Tulin Luda-RC,Tyszler Ira, Weekes Akua, Weiner Howard, Yearwood Carlisle.


ESL Developmental Sequence

The developmental sequence for ESL students consists of: a testing component designed to admit students into the sequence and place them at an appropriate level of instruction; an instructional component, consisting of a carefully structured set of courses designed to prepare students for academic study by developing their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English; a tutoring and resource component designed to provide students with individualized instructional support; and an evaluation component designed to determine appropriate placement upon completion of the ESL sequence.


Entering students are placed at appropriate levels on the basis of their performance on the placement test. The test is essay format; the student is presented with a number of topics from which to choose. Students who successfully complete the course in which they were placed go on to the next course in the sequence.

ESL students are placed in one of three different levels (E007.1, E007.2 and E007.3) on the basis of these placement and/or departmental exams. The developmental sequence E007 for ESL students proceeds according to the following progression:

Students placed in E007.1, upon successful completion of that course, proceed to E007.2.

Students placed in E007.2, upon successful completion of that course, proceed to E007.3.

Students placed in E007.3, the most advanced level, may proceed to GLL 111 (Introduction to College Writing) upon satisfying the Department's entrance requirements for that course; moreover, any student may pass into GLL 111 at any point in this sequence by passing the E007.3 departmental final examination.

Students who have done satisfactory work, but who still do not meet the entrance requirements of the next course in sequence, must repeat that course. It is important to note that students may repeat each developmental course only once during the course of their academic career. While studying ESL, students may also enroll in courses in Speech, Mathematics, or other courses, as recommended by an advisor.


E007.1Z Essentials of Effective Reading & Writing (ESL) (Fall, Spring)
Elementary course for students who are required to undertake more intensive work at the 007.1 level. Designed to develop and enhance reading, writing, listening, and speaking fluency.
12 hours. 0 credits. Placement by examination.

E007.1 Essentials of Effective Reading & Writing (ESL) (Fall, Spring)
Intensive remediation, with emphasis on the most basic reading and writing skills, culminating in rudimentary understanding of sentence structure and paragraph formation.
8 hours. 0 credits. Placement by examination.

E007.2 Essentials of Effective Reading & Writing (ESL) (Fall, Spring)
Continued intensive remediation, aiming at greater proficiency in the construction of complete sentences and of coherent individual paragraphs. Emphasis is on the composition of one and two paragraph essays.
Prerequisite: E007.1 or placement by examination. 8 hours. 0 credits

E007.3 Essentials of Effective Reading & Writing (ESL) (Fall, Spring)
Extensive practice in basic reading and composition of two- and three-paragraph essays.
Prerequisite: E007.2 or placement by examination. 8 hours. 0 credits

GLL 111 Introduction to College Writing (ESL) (Fall, Spring)
Intensive post developmental reading and writing, leading to confidence and proficiency in the composition of three-paragraph essays, and concluding with an introduction to the five paragraph essay form.
Prerequisite: E007.3 or placement by examination. 4 credits

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