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This department offers courses for students who wish to broaden their exposure to the visual and performing arts. Course offerings are designed to develop viewing and listening skills, provide a historical context for works of art and music, and give students a sense of the artistic process. Courses offered by the department also serve as electives whereby students may fulfill liberal arts requirements in their associate's or baccalaureate degree programs.


J. Weller, Chair; H. Wicke, Deputy Chair; J. Lieberman, Coordinator; S. DeCastro, A. Grenadir, M. Llorenz, M. Sahl, C. Steen, A. Warshaw.


Note: A related one-credit "topics" or workshop course may be offered with certain three-credit Arts courses.

GCA 105 Interpreting American Culture (Fall, Spring)
A beginning course in American culture through an artistic perspective. The student will examine such topics as American institutions, customs, values, society and media through the preparation of short essays and artistic projects that will enable the student to expand their literary, language, speaking and artistic skills through a personal and group analysis of American life.
4 credits

GCA 131 Introduction to Music I (upon request)
Music surrounds our everyday life. Students will examine various musical forms such as classical, pop, jazz, and rock, which use the common elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre and form. Listening and ear training are among the skills, which will sharpen the pleasure of music appreciation. Live and recorded music performances are included.
4 credits

GCA 132 Introduction to Music II (upon request)
This course continues the continuing exploration of musical forms, with the emphasis on how the composers and performers developed the Classical Musical form from the 18th through the 20th century. Musical forms studied include the Romantic and Impressionist Styles, Grand and Light Opera, Concert, Modern and Jazz Music.
Prerequisite: GCA131 or permission of the Department. 4 credits

GCA 133 History of Music I: Ancient to Baroque (upon request)
The history of music beginning with the cultures of the Ancient world, especially the Greek, including the Jewish liturgical tradition and the evolution of religious and secular music in the Western world to the time of J.S. Bach.
Prerequisite: GCA132 or approval of the instructor. 4 credits

GCA 134 History of Music II: Classical to Modern (upon request)
This course in the history of music continues the exploration of its performance in the Western World from the 18th century through the 20th century. The focus is on the growth of opera as a popular form; the symphony; the musical theater, chamber music, popular musical forms, jazz and "modern" music. How music reflects the society in which it is written and performed will also be studied.
Prerequisite: GCA 133. 4 credits

GCA 138 Introduction to Film (Fall, Spring)
Students will see a variety of films to introduce the ways a filmmaker shapes a story through images, editing techniques, rhythm, music, etc., to influence and create an impact on the viewer. Special attention is paid to the multicultural and political themes, which are demonstrated in each film. Students will be able to effectively evaluate their own viewing experience, not accepting so easily opinions of others.
4 credits

GCA 141/142 Art of Western Civilization I, II (upon request)
This course is a comparative survey of the styles, structure and functions of Western forms from prehistoric art through the Middle Ages. The art and cultures associated with the development of Western civilization will be examined through lectures, reading, slide presentations and visits to museums and other cultural institutions.
3 credits each

GCA 150 Introduction to the Theatre (upon request)
Live theatre is the foundation of all films and television. Understanding how a playwright creates a play, its characters, scenery, costumes and lighting helps the student become a more discriminating view of the other arts. Multicultural aspects of plays and performance are emphasized. Some scene work is included.
4 credits

GCA 153 Introduction to the Arts (Fall, Spring)
Through the Internet, CDs, videos, live performances and museum visits, students will introduced to the major art forms of theatre, music, dance, film, the visual arts of painting, sculpture and architecture as well as drama, poetic and prose literature. They will discover how each artist uses common elements like idea concept, form, line, color, rhythm, the use of sound and movement to create a work of art. Works from various cultures will be explored. Required for Education majors.
3 credits

GCA 162 Introduction to Performing Arts (upon request)
Students will study a variety of theatre, dance, music and film performances developed by various cultures and the special meaning these art forms have had through the ages. Field trips to concerts, theatres and cinema.
Prerequisite: GCA 133 or permission of the department. 4 credits

GCA 166 Introduction to the Visual Arts (upon request)
Survey of the visual arts, including both the development of their many varieties.principally painting, sculpture and architecture.as well as their presentation and their interconnection with their milieu. The time period covered is from the Ancient World through the nineteenth century, with major emphasis on the period from the Renaissance to 1900. Trips to museums are included.
4 credits

GCA 211 Oral History (formerly GCA 210) (Fall, Spring)
Students explore their own lives to gather material to be put into an oral history collection. Working from examples, students will discover their own voice through exercises, interviews and storytelling. Using literary models such as poetry and memoir, students will tell, transcribe and edit their own stories. A class book of individual stories will be created.
3 credits

GCA 224 Drawing and Painting I (upon request)
In this course, students learn how to draw and paint basic forms and objects, the fundamentals of perspective composition. They gain understanding of how light and shadow affect drawing and painting, and the basic principles of color.
3 credits

GCA 225 Drawing and Painting II (upon request)
Concepts of visual art; color, value, shape, line, form, composition, perspective, balance. Exploration of materials for personal expression. Advanced techniques in drawing, painting, and planning works of art. Field trips, research, and lectures are part of this course.
Prerequisite: GCA 224. 3 credits

GCA 226 Fundamentals of Art and Design (Fall)
The concept and elements of two-dimensional design will be explored through lectures, assigned projects, and visual aids. History, theory, analysis, and discussion of the approach to fine art and graphic design for the artist/designer.
Prerequisite: GCA 225. 3 credits

GCA 234 Opera (upon request)
Study of the great operas of the Western world, including their composers, texts, music and contexts. The focus will be on 19th and 20th century operas.
3 credits

GCA 240 Black Theatre (Fall, Spring)
By exploring the rich African-American theatrical literature, students will discover the various arts of playwrighting, acting and production, concentration, rehearsal practice, Stanislavsky acting techniques, scene study and performance. Designed for the serious theatre student, two staged performances are required during the semester.
3 credits

GCA 301 Aesthetics of Modern Art (upon request)
How modern painters and sculptors, from the impressionists through the postmoderns, respond to a rapidly changing world by visualizing, often in an abstract manner, the technological, mechanical, psychological and metaphysical forces around them. Slides are utilized in lectures; at least two museum visits are required.
Prerequisite: GCA 166 or permission of the department. 3 credits

GCA 333 American Music (Fall, Spring)
A music history course tracing the major developments in the history of American music from the country's foundation to the present day. Focus on the 20th century. Trips to concerts and recitals.
3 credits

GCA 366 American Art (Fall, Spring)
This is an art history course tracing the major developments in the visual arts in the United States from the country's beginning to the present day. Focus on the 20th century art. Trips to museums and galleries.
3 credits

GCA 400 Topics in Art (upon request)
See department Chair. May be repeated for credit. 1-4 credits.

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