Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
  1. To develop a quality educational program that prepares students to be osteopathic physicians.
  2. To develop opportunities to enhance the public knowledge of osteopathic medicine.
  3. To develop and administer research programs for faculty and students.
  4. To institute a faculty practice plan and a system of university clinics in the Harlem community which will deliver competent and compassionate health care to a diverse community.
  5. To work towards diversification of the student body to meet the health care needs of the society it serves.
  6. To create and maintain a program of faculty development that encourages and enables faculty to improve and refine their skills in teaching and the creation of new knowledge that helps to further the goals of the institution as well as advancing their careers.
  7. To create and continuously improve methods of assessment and evaluation of curricular goals and individual student programs that monitor the effective implementation of the mission statement.