Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
Student Health

The health and safety of our students are primary concerns. This brief discussion will help students understand the process regarding their specific health issues.

  1. You are required to provide your own health insurance.
  2. Proof of such coverage is a requirement to matriculate.
  3. At the time of registration, if you do not have an in effect health insurance coverage plan, you will be required to purchase a policy provided through the Touro College approved agency.
  4. Affiliated physicians and other health provider resources include:

TouroCOM Health Center:
Hemant Patel, MD; Director, Internal Medicine
Andrea Perez, DO; Director, Family Medicine
33 West 125th Street
New York, NY, 10027
Phone Number: (212) 289-5795

Mental Health Services:
For Emergencies – 911
Kari Tabag, LCSW-R - 230 West 125th Street, Room 312 - (646) 981-4562

Off-Campus Referral Sources:
Allison Bobick, LCSW  (212) 534-5825
Martin Gittelman, PhD   (212) 663-0131
Aleksandar Ljubicic, LCSW-R (646)283-5461
Mark Novick, MD (212)477-2045
Anna Skiandos, DO (212)523-3192

Committee for Physicians’ Health (CPH) (A division of the Medical Society of the State of New York)
Terrance Bedient, FACHE – 800-338-1833.

For more CPH information: