Lander College of Arts and Sciences: Political Science Club

Political Science Club 2011 - 2012

President: Robert Staroselsky
Treasurer: Rivky Fekete
Secretary: Mindy Sabel
General Director: Sarah Buzaglo

Club Charter:


In order to create and maintain an entity capable of publishing a Political Science Journal and exploring current political and legal issues, this document is established as the Charter of the Touro College Political Science Club.

Article 1: The Executive Committee

Section 1. All legislative power for the maintenance, rules, planning, and activities of the Political Science Club shall be vested into the Executive Committee.

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the following: Committee Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and General Body Coordinator.

Section 3. Motions may only be passed with a majority vote in the Executive Committee. The general body of the Political Science Club may propose motions for a vote in the Executive Committee through the General Body Coordinator.

Section 4. No student who does not have a minimum of forty five credits may sit on the Executive Committee.

Article 2: Executive

Section 1. The power to appoint officers to the executive arm of the Political Science Club shall rest in the President, who shall be tasked with carrying out and facilitating the motions of the Executive Committee.

Section 2. The President may select any person in the General body to occupy the office of one of the three positions on the Executive Committee. A majority of the General Body must approve the nomination with a majority vote.

Section 3. The President shall be Chairman of the Executive Committee, and shall not have a vote in the Legislative function of the Committee.

Section 4. Any student who is not pursuing a major in Political Science, or does not hold at least ninety credits, may not be eligible for the position of President.

Section 5. An officer may be removed through their own resignation, or by the President.

Section 6. The President shall be elected from the Executive Committee by the General Body and shall serve as Chief Executive Officer from the beginning of the Spring Semester to the end of the next Spring Semester, or upon notice of resignation, or a majority of the Executive Committee passes a motion stating the President is unable to fulfill the position’s obligations in the interest of the Club. At which point the Executive Committee must receive the approval of the Political Science Club Faculty advisor, to remove the President. After which, the Executive Committee may appoint an officer, already sitting on the Committee, to be acting President until Spring election.

Article 3: Political Science Journal

Section 1. The Political Science Club must commission a Political Science Journal, and publish it once annually.

Section 2. The President shall fulfill the role of Chief Editor of the Political Science Journal, and may appoint whatever office required for the publication and success of the Journal.

Section 3. In the event the term of the President ends before the completion of an edition of the Political Science Journal, unless it occurred through removal or resignation, the President elect may not interfere with the old project and allow the sitting President to complete his tasks as Chief Editor to see the Journal edited, designed, and published successfully.

Article 4: Conduct

Section 1: All Members will treat each other with equality and respect, under penalty of the full extent of Touro College policy.

Article 5: Political Science Club Faculty Advisor

Section 1: The political science club advisor is a role that will be rotated every semester between Political Science Professors Norman Bertram and Alan Mond.

Article 6: Amendment

Section 1. This charter may be amended through a motion passed by the entire Executive Committee, which must then be approved by the Political Science Club faculty advisor; it then must receive a majority vote in the General Body.