About LAS Flatbush

The Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Flatbush, with separate Men’s and Women’s Divisions, is located at Avenue J and East 16th Street in the Midwood section of Brooklyn. More than 1,000 students are enrolled each semester at the Flatbush Campus.

Encompassing more than 90,000 square feet, the Flatbush Campus was inaugurated in the Spring of 1995. Nestled in a vibrant, residential Jewish community, the Flatbush Campus is easily accessible by subway and bus transportation from all areas of Brooklyn and Queens, and is easily reached from Long Island as well as from Rockland County. Shops and restaurants dot the avenue in the vicinity of the campus.

This seven-story campus includes three large science laboratories (for biology, chemistry and physics), three computer science laboratories, twenty-eight classrooms, the college library and two library reading rooms, a student lounge, and service and support offices, including the Office of the Registrar, the counseling and placement center, and academic departmental offices. In September 1997, the New York State Education Department officially designated this site as The Flatbush Branch Campus of Touro College.

The Flatbush Men's and Women's Divisions

The Lander College of Arts and Sciences is uniquely suited for highly motivated students who wish to earn a meaningful, goal-oriented baccalaureate degree in a supportive Jewish environment. Its correlate Flatbush Men's and Women's Divisions enable students to complete a high quality education, developing the competencies and attaining the credentials necessary for rewarding professional employment and advancement in today's specialized and competitive career world.

Academic Opportunities for Your Future

When you consider your future, what do you see?

A successful certified public accountant, an independent entrepreneur managing his own business, or a professional in a high tech field like computer science? Do you see yourself serving the needs of your community as a doctor, dentist, physical therapist, or physician assistant? Do you picture yourself as a lawyer in corporate practice, a financial analyst, or an investment specialist on Wall Street? Does the mental image of your future include helping people master the power of language as a speech therapist, or touching the lives of Jewish youngsters as a teacher?

The Lander College in Flatbush will enable you to travel the career path to your professional future. You will benefit from the diversity of the majors and academic programs offered. Your choices include the following fields:


Accounting (CPA) © Biology © Computer Science

Economics © English © Finance © History

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts & Sciences

Management © Management Information Systems

Management/Marketing © Mathematics/Actuarial Studies

Political Science © Psychology

Speech and Communications (B.S. & M.A.)

Web Design & Desktop Publishing



Dual Education Program (General & Special Education) © International Business & Finance (M.S.)

Occupational Therapy (M.S.) © Physical Therapy (B.S./D.P.T.) © Physician Assistant © Pre-Dentistry

Pre-Law © Pre-Medicine © School Psychology (M.S.)

School Administration & Supervision (M.S.) © Special Education (M.S.) © Teaching Literacy (M.S.)

Instructional Technology (M.S.) © Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESOL)

Business Administration (M.B.A.) © Mental Health Counseling (M.S.)



Chemistry © Foreign Languages

Health Care Administration © Physics


Some majors may entail studies at other campuses.


Special Benefits and Advantages

The following benefits, which give you an extra edge, are available to students at Lander College in Flatbush:

Hallmarks of Excellence

Touro nurtures academic excellence and takes great pride in the record of its alumni. Here are some facts we are happy to share with you.