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Touro Graduate School of Technology Recaps a Successful Spring Career Night

Touro College Graduate School of Technology (GST) hosts periodic workshops and seminars as part of its ongoing efforts to help students achieve professional success post-graduation. Most recently, the continuing education center hosted a “Career Night,” designed to boost students’ knowledge and level of preparedness for entering the challenging professional landscape. The event, hosted by Mary Crane, proved a success, and students of the NYC graduate school currently working toward their degrees have commented on the ways in which they’ve already benefited from the workshop.

The "Career Night" presentation, labeled as "entertaining" and "informative," saw Mary Crane break down what soon-to-be-grads should expect from the often daunting post-graduate experience. Mary explained to the sizable group of Touro graduates (and future industry professionals!) precisely how the modern interview process flows. From meeting potential employers to how one might act when touring an office, Mary covered the fundamentals of the earliest steps a person takes to begin their fresh career in the business world.

Franz Victor, who will be graduating in June with an M.S. in Technology leadership, said “I was a delighted attendee at [Mary’s] seminar... I found the material quite enlightening, especially since I have not been on interviews for the past 12 years.” In an e-mail, he went on to add “[Mary’s] simple and reassuring answer gave me so much confidence that I feel ready to tackle any interview at this time (not to mention the information [she] shared in [her] presentation).” Benjamin Flores, who also attended the seminar, stated "I had [an] interview this morning and it went really well. Thank you for the advice you gave me. I was not nervous at all!"