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Touro Graduate School of Technology Celebrates The Class
of 2014!

It's graduation season and Touro Graduate School of Technology (GST) could not be more proud of its newest class of graduates. After years of long days, hard work, and a firm commitment to their future, many students at Touro are preparing to take the next step into “the real world,” launching careers in the professional fields of computer science, technology, and design.

On May 28th, Touro GST hosted its first-ever Graduation Dinner. Honoring graduates of the past academic year—including September 2013, January 2014, and June 2014—and their family members, the dinner was a celebration of the graduating class’ numerous accomplishments. Approximately 100 people were in attendance, staff excluded.

A delicious hot dinner was served, and awards were distributed to the graduates for Valedictorian Academic Excellence, Student Service, and Dean’s Awards. Additionally, each student received a gift of a t-shirt featuring the Touro GST logo, as well as a theme message, to encourage grads to keep in touch with their alma mater!

The following students were recipients of various awards, as indicated next to their name:

  1. Loucas Karipis - Valedictorian Award

  2. Amod Acharya – Student Service

  3. Geetika Verma – Student Service

  4. Supath Sitaula – Student Service

All in all, it was a wonderful evening, with an exceptional turnout from students, family, and friends. To see more upcoming events from the graduate school, and learn about enrollment opportunities for the next semester, contact Touro College Graduate School of Technology today!