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Career Services

We help with

  • Resumes
  • Correspondence
  • Interviews
  • Career Advice
  • Internships Assistance
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Mentor Opportunities
  • Alumni Relations

I'm here for you

Robert Grosberg
Director of Career Services
(212) 463-0400 x 5496

The Touro College Graduate School of Technology runs an active Career Services Office with a dedicated professional staff to assist students. Our Associate Director of Career Services is a highly experienced professional who develops and sustains relationships with active employers, connecting them with our students and promoting the quality of our programs. Our staff also works cooperatively with students on resume preparation, interview techniques and career planning.

We have many tools to help you determine your career options, gain work experience, and prepare for your career search. Call or stop by our office to make an appointment with our Director of Career Services.

We are committed to your career success!

What our students are saying...

I applied for a job that you (Robert Grosberg) distributed and the next day I got the offer. I cannot thank you more for your help. You are the best, and Touro is the best! Two thumbs up!


"Thank you so much for the job listing. You’re doing a great job of keeping students informed of various job opportunities. This job is just what I needed. I can work and still be available at home."

-Lillian Lucas

"I enjoyed the opportunity to meet you in person and express my gratitude to you for your continual advice and assistance. You spent a lot of time helping me to polish my resume and highlight my skills in order to make me appealing to potential employers. I am pleased to announce that my revised resume along with the job opportunities you continually mail out to students helped me to secure an ideal part-time position that incorporates teaching and technology from the comfort of my home."

-Uzma Harris

"Thank you again for the emails about opportunities out there."

-Michael Astuto

"God bless you for the effort you extend to us. It is quite apparent that you are passionate about what you are doing!"

-V.J. Caughman

"Thank you so much! You're always so helpful!"

-Yi Zhang