Mandatory Internship Orientation to take Place:

January 2, 2014
43 West 23rd Street (2nd Floor, room 218)
New York, NY 10010
EDU 698: 5:00-6:00 pm
EDU 697: 6:00-7:30 pm


Dear Intern:

The internship in the School Administration and Leadership Program is designed to provide you with experience in various areas in which a school or district administrator must be competent.  It is an important aspect of your supervisory and leadership training and affords you opportunities to apply the theoretical and practical training received in coursework to everyday school situations.  The list of Administrative and Leadership Competencies available on this website should be used as a guide for planning and organizing your activities and projects.
Several projects are required to complete the internship experience. The required format for the Daily Log is available on this website. It must be downloaded and printed for your use.  In addition to the Daily Log, a Situation Journal must be prepared.  Each situation stated in the Journal should be an expansion of an activity recorded in the Daily Log.  Interns must fully describe thirty (30) situations.  The required format of the Situation Journal is also available on the website.
Instructions for completion of your required Internship Agreement are available on the website.  Please be sure to follow these instructions. When planning your activities, please consult with your Site Supervisor in order to ensure that your internship involves work on leadership teams providing experience in problem solving and educational planning in a cooperative setting.  All the activities and assignments will be invaluable as you prepare to join the ranks of school administrators and leaders.
On behalf of Dean Anthony Polemeni and the faculty of the School Administration and Leadership Program at Touro College, I wish you a positive and productive internship experience.  If you should need assistance please feel free to contact our office.

Nilda Soto Ruiz, Ph.D.


The following documents are for the internship program.
To download the document, please click on the document name:

1. Letter to All New Interns.doc

2. Administrative and Leadership Competencies.doc

3. Daily Log.doc

4. Situation Journal.doc

5. Instructions for Internship Agreement.doc

6. Internship Agreement.doc

7. Internship Agreement 698 SBL.doc

8. Internship Agreement 698 SDL.doc

9. Administrative Internship Proposal EDU 697

10. Administrative Internship Proposal EDU 698