Program of Study

The program of study consists of 36 semester hours:
24 semesters hours of courses in Literacy,
6 semesters hours in General Pedagogical study
6 semesters hours of Practicum activities.

Students seeking New York State Certification in Literacy are also required to take three 0-credit seminars in Substance Abuse, Child Abuse, and Child Safety, Abduction Prevention and Fire and Arson Prevention.

The director of the program will assist students in developing a suitable course of study each semester. Their backgrounds, current situations and aspirations will guide their course of study. Students may transfer in 6 credits of related coursework with approval from the program director.


General Pedagogical Core
EDPS 620 Child Development & Learning in Cultural Context
EDSE 650 Educational Technology in General Education and Special Education

Specific Pedagogical Core
EDU 602 Applied Linguistics for Teacher of Literacy
EDSE 665 Basic Reading Instruction
SPED 667 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Disabilities
EDU 677 Literacy in the Bilingual/Multicultural Classroom
EDU 605 Literacy Instruction-Birth through Grade Six

EDU 609 Literacy Instruction Grade Five through Twelve
EDU 618 Literacy Curriculum: Research and Evaluation
EDU 606 Effective Implementation of Literacy for the Intermediate and Secondary Student
EDSE 692 Clinical Practicum I : Diagnosing and Treating Reading Disabilities PreK-6 Literacy Program
EDSE 693 Clinical Practicum II: Diagnosing and Treating Reading Disabilities Grades 7-12

Non Credit Seminarsto Meet NYS Teacher Certification Requirements
EDU 510 Seminar in Substance Abuse
EDU 511 Seminar in Child Abuse
EDU 512 Seminar in Child Safety, Abduction Prevention, and Fire and Arson Prevention
EDU 513 Seminar in School Violence Prevention & Intervention


Course Descriptions