Summer 2014
Registration: March 24, 2014 - June 9, 2014

You MUST register onto Touro portal and use your TCWEB in order to register for a class.

  1. You can only register for classes ONLINE, except for students registering forPracticum/Field Experience and those in ITI.
  2. *Practicum/Field Experience and ITI students should meet with the chair or a program faculty to register. Please call to make an appointment.
    (Hours: 10:00AM - 4:30PM. Registration is held Mondays through Thursdays, NOT on Fridays)
  3. Late registration is only available in person, from Jan 13th through Jan 16th, 2014.
  4. Drop and/or add courses only can be done in-person. The program office will NOT fill out the form for students.
  5. Students with incomplete from previous semesters will not be allowed to register. Please come to see the chair to discuss plan of action.
  6. Be aware that the SECTION CODE attached to each course number, such as EDPS 673 SL, EDU 638 SA, EDU 637 QL, EDU 635 LA, EDPS 620 OB represents the program and the campus. Ignoring the section code might result in registration for a wrong course/program.
  7. Keep record on the number of online courses you have taken. There is a credit limit that you can take online.
    • MS in TESOL- up to 15 credit hours (5 courses)
    • Extension and advanced certificate programs- up to 6 credit hours (2 courses)
    • Bilingual PPS extension- 3 credit hours (1 course)

Graduation Application Deadlines:

January graduation - application must be submitted by November 15

June graduation - application must be submitted by May 1

September graduation - application must be submitted by July 16

Registration Step by Step:

Note: If you are a new student to Tour College, you must activate your Touro Portal. Please go to and click on “my Touro” on top of the screen and “first time user under the password box before starting registration process. Unless your Touro Portal is activated, you won’t be able to register for any courses.

  1. Click on” Colleges and Schools”, and “Graduate School of Education”
  2. Get your schedule from the program website
  3. Once you are in Graduate School of Education Website, you will see “Student Services” right below the TOURO COLLEGE logo on top. Once you put the cursor on it, you will see “TCWEB-Web based-student services” from the pull-down menu. Click on it.
  4. Make sure you are in the correct Term: Semester you are registering for
  5. Click on Quick pay to make a deposit of at least 35% for each course plus registration fee ($150) and technology fee ($50 not applied in Summer). Be aware there won't be balance on your account and you will need to type specific amount that you are planning to deposit. Current students, please be aware that you need to have a ZERO balance in your account in order to register. If you are receiving financial aid, make sure to check with the Financial Aid Office for funding availability.
  6. Click on Course Search
  7. Enter the Division: Graduate
  8. Click on Department: EDU/EDSE/or EDPS *(according to course code letters).
  9. Click on Course number: 636, 671, etc.
  10. Click on Find Classes. Do not enter a course code yet.
  11. Choose the classes that you are registering for and click Add(Make sure to follow the schedule of classes to see the correct section code and to follow the courses required for TESOL/Bilingual Programs) * Sections: SL or SM (Manhattan), SA or SB (Brooklyn), QL or QM (Queens), LA or LB (Bay Shore), and section OB or OC (Online). If the ADD button does not appear next to the course, please contact Jenise Hernandez at ext 5544.
  12. For additional courses repeat process by click on search again.

*Technical difficulties with the Online Registration call extension: 5607 or 5608


Thank you for using our new online registration system.
Dr. Seong-Shin Kim, Program Chair