Please Note!

If you are planning to graduate in June 2014, submit your graduation application form by May 1, 2014



In the beginning of the last semester in the program, students MUST apply for graduation by submitting a graduation application form to the program office. If you miss the deadline for graduation, your graduation will be pushed to the next official graduation date.


Graduation application deadline:

May 1, 2014 for June 24, 2014 graduation
July 15, 2014 for September 2014

*All Long Island Students must see TESOL/BLE faculty for the above graduation procedures in Room 245. To make an appointment, please call or email Ms. Pamela M. Heyward at Manhattan office. 212-463-0400 X)5288 or or please email Dr. Sonna Opstad at:


Application for Graduation
Teacher Certification Recommendation Request Form
Transcript Request Form
Diploma Request Form


  1. Students may apply for the certificate that he/she is studying for through NYSED, TEACH account at any time during the program. Touro can put an institutional recommendation for you once you graduate from the program, but can NOT apply for a certificate on behalf of you. Only YOU have an access to your TEACH account to apply for a certificate.
  2. *How to apply for a certificate-step by step instruction
  3. Students may graduate from the program upon completion of all the courses with GPA 3.0 or above, they must pass CST-ESOL to obtain the certificate.
  4. Submit a teaching certificate recommendation request form to the certificate officer, Ms. Kimberly Felix. ( or 212-463-0400 X.5268). Once your degree is conferred and the graduation date appears on your official transcript, she will be able to recommend you to NYSED for the certificate. However, she can not put the recommendation unless you submit the request form.