Courses of Study of Bilingual Advanced Certificate Program
in Pupil Personnel Services

General Core Courses

EDPS 620 Child Development and Learning in Cultural Context
This course focuses on the nature of physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and moral development from birth through adolescence with implications for learning and teaching; major orientations in the study of child development, including Vygotsky and the neo-Vygotskian theories of child development and learning; periods of child development from birth through adolescence seen in a socio-cultural context, with implications for learning and teaching; integration of theory and research findings from the fields of developmental and educational psychology; and exploration of multicultural contexts for growth, development, and learning with diverse student populations. Students are also exposed to evidence-based methods of instruction and critically examine the idea that instruction should be evidence-based.
3 credits


EDPS 671 Theory and Practice of Bilingual and Multicultural Education
This course reviews the impact of historical, legal, sociological, and political issues in relationship to the education of culturally and linguistically diverse students. Students explore the evolution of attitudes regarding bilingualism and multiculturalism in the United States. Emphasis will be placed on developing multicultural competence as educators, with areas of focus including: cross-cultural communication in the classroom and with parents; how the language and culture of the home and the community impact student learning; cultural factors in the relationships between the school and the community. Models of multicultural and bilingual education will be presented and analyzed. Includes 10 hours of field work.
3 credits


EDPS 672 Methods of Teaching and Service Delivery in Languages other than English
This course focuses on teaching, assessment and counseling practices, consultation techniques, and other aspects of service delivery for diverse learners. Students will critically examine the processes used for placement of culturally and linguistically diverse students in special services. Issues involved in identifying student needs and appropriate services will be addressed. The topics of discussion will include the impact of language, home culture and process of cultural adaptation in assessment. Includes 15 hours of field work.
3 credits



PSY 698 Field Experience in Bilingual Education and Service Delivery
Since students in the program are certified professionals, their work experience (no less than one full academic year) will be considered as fulfillment of the field experience requirement, along with attendance at three field experience seminars and submission of a portfolio which synthesizes their experience and understanding of effective services for bilingual population. The portfolio will include: samples of professional work with bilingual students, including case histories, evaluation reports, progress notes, and IEPs; a written essay presenting the student's professional philosophy, a discussion of issues involved in providing bilingual services in the New York area, and a description of the student's professional growth in the Bilingual Advanced Certificate Program.
3 credits