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Campus Wireless Internet Access

This wireless access connection provides you with a path to the Internet and limited access to some Touro resources. As part of your responsibilities as a member of the Touro community, by connecting via this access point, you are agreeing to abide by Touro’s Acceptable Use Policy related to information Technology resources and all institutional policies that are related to your status (e.g., students must abide by the terms of the applicable Student Handbook, faculty must abide by the terms of the applicable Faculty Handbook, and so on) at Touro College. You understand that you are responsible for any activity that occurs on your account, and, you are responsible for account password security. You further understand that use of this access point is restricted to Touro authorized users and that Touro reserves the right to monitor use at any time. Use of this access point constitutes consent to Touro policies, including its monitoring practices, and an explicit waiver of any and all privileges, including but not limited to, the attorney-client and spousal privilege. Any unauthorized access, use, or modification of this access point or its contents will result in disciplinary action, civil liability and/or the imposition of criminal sanctions. Please also understand that data transmitted while using this access point is not encrypted and as such you should not use it to submit restricted or confidential data as per the Touro Information Security Policy. If you do so you are subject to punishment according to your Student, Faculty or Administrative handbook up to and including expulsion and, if employed, termination of employment. Touro College shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user for the access, use or termination of wireless services. Any disputes arising out of such access, use, termination of wireless services shall be solely and exclusively resolved via binding arbitration pursuant to Touro College’s arbitration policy. Please be advised that during the sign on process, your machine will be checked for the latest security software upgrades and patches and also for anti-virus software. If you do not have the latest security software upgrades and patches installed you will be directed to a site where you may download the latest security software upgrades and patches and will not be allowed to access our network until you do so. If you do not have one of the anti-virus software products that we recognize then you will not be allowed access to our network. While we do not endorse or warrant any product, if you do not have anti-virus software and need it for your own personal workstation, we direct you to a link where you may down load the “Microsoft Security Essentials" product for your own personal use. We practice safe and responsible computing and so should our students.


STUDENTS: For "User Name" please enter your Student ID number. You can find your Student ID Number on your printed transcript, tuition statement, or by calling the Registrar's office.

For "Password" enter the password you used to login to TCWEB. If you never used TCWEB, use the last four digits of your Student ID number followed by two digit month and two digit day of your date of birth. For example, if your Student ID number is 123456 and your birthday is March 4th, your default password is 34560304.

FACULTY: For "User Name" please enter your Faculty ID #. This is NOT the number on your Employee ID card.  It IS the number that you use to login to TCWEB to enter student grades (if available in your program).
Your default password is the Month & Day of your Date of Birth, along with the last two digits of your Faculty ID#, followed by the first two letters of your first name and the first two letters of your last name, all in the lower case.

(For example: Instructor Name: John Smith, DOB - 11/09/89, Faculty ID# - 123456 --- The default password will be 110956josm). Please Note: If your default password is not working replace month & date of birth with 0101 in your password.

ADMINISTRATIVE EMPLOYEES: Use the same “User Name” and “Password” you use to log into your office computer and Outlook Web Access (Exchange e-mail).