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Microsoft Work-at-Home Program

As part of Touro's new Microsoft Campus Agreement for 2006-09, we have acquired "Work at Home" rights for College faculty and staff. This means that you can install MS Office or an upgraded version of Windows, on your home PC or laptop, for free.

However, there are several restrictions on your license for use of this software:

  1. You can only use the software as long as you are employed by Touro, and only while Touro is covered by the Microsoft Campus Agreement.
  2. You can only use the software for work-related purposes (not personal matters). For example, you can use Excel for a grading spreadsheet but not for your personal finances. You can use MS Word for typing a quiz, but not for a birthday card for your daughter.
  3. You must abide by all other relevant terms of the software license agreement (e.g. not installing on someone else's PC, etc.)

Software Currently Available:

To obtain installation CDs for the above software, follow the directions below:

Arjun Mahat
212.463.0400 ext. 5240
Sailesh Bhusal
212.463.0400 ext. 5240