For Faculty: Computer Lab Services

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Touro College encourages faculty members to make use of technology in the classroom and beyond. In the classroom, you can use large-screen monitors or projectors to display Power Point presentations, connect to the Internet, or use software to demonstrate course concepts to your students.

Laptops, large-screen monitors, projectors, and/or VCRs/DVD players are available for reservation (on a first-come, first-served basis) from the computer laboratory at your location. If you plan on using the Internet, please check with the lab technician in advance, as not all Touro classrooms currently have network access. Faculty members who are having problems reserving projectors or large screen monitors at a particular site should contact Mr. Phil Charach, Director of Instructional Technology, at 212.463.0400 ext. 5688, or via e-mail at

In addition, for extending learning outside the classroom, Touro College can provide you with a Blackboard account, so you can communicate with your students and post assignments and announcements on your own class web site.