Atomic Learning: Web-Based Technology Training


The Academic Computing department is launching a new initiative which allows Touro faculty and staff members to learn new software technologies anytime, anywhere, using online training provider Atomic Learning® .

More than 4,000 schools in the United States and over 30 countries worldwide currently use Atomic Learning for staff technology training.

How many times, after attending a technology session, have you gone back to your office and asked yourself "How did I do that again?" With Atomic Learning, you can view software training movies at your leisure, and then go back and review what you have learned as many times as you wish.

Atomic Learning breaks up software into small learning units, and clearly states how long it will take for you to review each module. For example:

In short, you can:

• Learn new skills in Excel, Word, Blackboard, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Flash, Microsoft Access, and more...

• Skip the classroom environment and learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere...

• Spend less time learning with short quick tutorials so that you’ll have more fun on vacation...

• Know more than your students when you come back in September.

• Review material again and again, without an audience.

All you need to get started is:

1. A computer with an Internet connection

2. Apple Quicktime Player or Adobe Flash Player installed

For More Information

To get started with Atomic Learning, please complete and submit the Atomic Learning Agreement.

If you have any questions about Atomic Learning, please contact:

The Faculty Support Hotline
212.463.0400 x 467