Touro College Liberal Arts and Science
Women's Division, Manhattan

After spending a year and a half attending Darchei Binah in Israel, Hadassah Lehmann enrolled at the Manhattan Women's Division of the Touro College School of Liberal Arts and Science in the Spring of 1998. She went on to receive her Bachelor's Degree in Judaic Studies and Education in June 2000. During her Touro College career, Hadassah was on the Deanís List and a member of the Torah LíShmah Club. She was also a dorm counselor.

Currently, Hadassah works as an Administrator in the Womenís Division. In the evenings, she attends Hunter College to complete her Masterís Degree in Education with a specialty in Reading.

During our interview, Hadassah had the following to say:

"Touro College was my choice of schools because of its small, nurturing environment. Iíve developed close relationships with my professors, whom I look to as mentors. Being a dorm counselor provided me the opportunity to make many meaningful, longĖlasting friendships. The years I spent at Touro College will always hold a special place in my heart."

If you would like to contact Hadassah, you may e-mail her at or you can reach her at (212) 213-2230 Ext. 108.

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