David Koegel

Touro College Liberal Arts and Science
Flatbush, Brooklyn

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing David Koegel, a 1990 graduate of Touro College.

David attended Shaarei Torah High School in Rockland County, New York, then under the tutelage of Rabbi Berel Wein. Upon completion, David then went on to study in Israel as a pioneer at a new yeshiva, Yeshiva Bais Yisroel. After studying in Israel for a year, he went to Chafetz Chaim, in Forest Hills, New York, for two years. David returned to Shaarei Torah to complete his Bais Medrash studies for another year. While continuing his yeshiva studies, David studied at Touro College's Mens Division in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York. Under the guidance of Professor Peikes and Professor Goldberg, David graduated with a degree in Finance and published two papers in The Touro Business Review on The Domestic and International Brewing Markets.

Upon graduating Touro College in 1990, David joined Republic National Bank's management trainee program and grew to an Assistant treasurer as a junior lender. After 5 years he went on to work in the private sector for IPM Computers as Director of Administration and Finance for one year. Enjoying the lending world David returned to banking as a credit analyst at Sterling National Bank and worked his way up the corporate ladder to become Vice President of Business Development. He was responsible for generating loans and deposits from businesses with sales up to $50 million.

Founded in 2006 DK BUSINESS SOLUTIONS was formed to assist business owners, board members and investors of companies with structure, cash flow management and working capital/end financing for businesses and real estate entities. With 20 years of banking experience he is able to help many owners their alter ego to help them grow their business and obtain proper financing. He also remains a Private Banker with Signature Bank to continue to service his private banking clients.

David and his wife Feige have four children and live in Monsey. Feige is a graduate of Beth Israel Nursing School and specializes in Allergy, immunology.

David and his wife are active in their community: Working on their childrens' schoolsí operational and capital campaigns; and supporting their Synagogue's special events programs. They were honored by Monsey JEP and given the AHAVAS YISROEL AWARD. They were also honored by Beth Medrash L'Torah V'Horah, Rabbi David Feinstein at the dinner in 1999. He was a former Board of Governors of the Bialystoker Synagogue and actively involved with the Lower East community special events and projects. He continues to be an active board member of the Bialysytoker Nursing Home (no relation to the Synagogue). David is a supporter of Project Sunshine and has chaired 2 benefit golf outings for the them, PROJECTSUNSHINE.ORG. He was active with the Agudah Professional Management Employment Services Group (PMES), former member of Credit Committee Member of the Borough of Manhattan Development Corp. and Regional Economic Development Corporation, and was the Treasurer for The Chelsea Village Partnership. He is currently working with a team of volunteers to create a volunteer mentoring program for business owners in Rockland County.

Davidís recommendation to all business majors:
"Learn how to read a Financial Statement before graduating. If you are not an accounting major, take as many extra accounting courses as you can. In the real world, it will help. Work to live, donít live to work; your family comes first, and be Koveah Itim."

If you are a businessman with financial questions or a student with career questions, David can be reached at or by phone 212-302-2527.

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